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We set up a site for our robot built for the Vex contest. The below site will continue to change as we passed on the site to our team members in lower grades.

I am currently building a 3D printer which we will use to help make this robot more mobile.
The Turret is going mobile with the help of an iRobot Create and will be controlled with an iphone/ipod app.
More updates to come, still in planning and developement stage.

11/11/09 Purchased airsoft gun
11/21/09 Ordered the first servo
11/23/09 Obtained the FPGA board
11/24/09 Began learning how to use the board and writing in VHDL
11/25/09 Received the first servo in the mail, began work on clock and timing controls
11/27/09 Successfully controlled servo with FPGA
11/28/09 Bought plexiglass
12/1/09 Got some nice high quality plastic to use instead of the plexiglass for the box
12/4/09 Plastic box has been cut out and awaiting construction
12/5/09 Plastic box fully constructed
. Testing Servo, changed clock to .05ms and found corresponding angles
. Prototype control arm built
. Added seven segment display
12/11/09 Dismantled Airsoft Gun
12/11/09 Prototype testing with servo and control arm
12/25/09 Got a few P-mods for the FPGA including a servo-motor connector, keyboard/mouse connector, and open collector
12/31/09 Recieved the second servo in the mail
1/22/10 Cut holes in housing to fit servos and holes in the side to feed wires
1/24/10 Drilled holes and screwed servos into place and installed battery packs to power the board and the servos
4/8/10 Got a nice looking LCD screen for the FPGA, should be fun.
6/13/10 Started working on project again, edited some of the servo control code and worked on coding a clock for the LCD screen
6/15/10 Figured out a working magazine and way to hold ammunition.
7/14/10 Attached the L-Shaped arm to the main box with 5 minute epoxy
7/14/10 Figured out how to attach the gun to the upper servo with a C shaped bracket
8/1/10 Ordered a set of 4 push buttons, these will replace the keyboard for a control interface
8/4/10 Should have the robot working by the end of today, going out to buy a diode and some switches and LED's
8/5/10 Got the relay and open collector working which means the gun is now operational!
8/6/10 Bought and installed a double pull switch to work as an on/off switch. Wrote the Top Level program to control the robot.
. Fit everything into the housing and made an extension wire for the remote
. All we have left to do is install the gun and glue on the magazine
8/7/10 Installed the airsoft gun and glued on the magazine -The Robot is operational
8/16/10 Attached a Pmod holder to mount the servo controller
. Removed the rubber pieces from the servo screws for better support

8/19/10 Figured out a way to get the magazine to stay on, waiting to glue it in its permanent place, however, until we figure out the right
glue to use. We also had to re-glue the bottom servo as the glue came off...Can't trust Boeing glue.
Tasks left to do for 1st Phase (manual control):

Possible additions: