"Power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me." - Napoleon Bonaparte

The turret has two different power sources. The first is a pack of 4 rechargeable 1.2V batteries with a diode attached which results in 5.01V which is used to power the Nexys FPGA board. The board can take power from either a battery pack or from a USB connection. Each set of 6 pin expansion connectors receives 3.3V or 5V depending on the position of the jumper.

The second power source is used for our servos. This suply consists of a 4 pack of 1.5V batteries supplying 5.50V to the servos.
The R/C servo controller is supplied with 5.50V, in order to use this external power the jumper on the P-Mod must be changed from "VCC" to "VE", this link will show the schematics.

When buying and using batteries in your project keep in mind that new batteries will have slightly more voltage than they claim. We suggest using rechargeable batteries because they will save you money and are easier to control. Rechargeables have slightly less voltage than what they claim to have, so they are generally easier to use and pose a smaller chance of ruining your devices. Whichever type of batteries you use, make sure to use a voltmeter to check it before using it, keep those boards safe!