We bought a few P-Mods (Peripheral Modules) that will add quite a bit to the turret project. Peripheral Modules are extensions that can be added to the FPGA's 6 pin inputs along the side. They add more room and more capabilities to the board, for instance the servo connector allows for supplying external power to the servos as well as controlling up to four servos, freeing up the other 3 -6 pin inputs for other uses. Below are descriptions of the 3 P-Mods we will be using for this project.

The first is a R/C Servo Connector, capable of connecting 4 servos that can be powered by either an outside power source or by the Board. This addition will help free up some more pins for other uses as well as supply a steady amount of power to the servos.
(Note: the sample program for this p-mod is very helpful, especially if you are trying to figure out how to control both servos seperately or incorporating the 7-segment display)

The second is a an Open collector output board. We will be using this to control the relay that will fire the airsoft gun. It is a basic relay that will complete the circut for the firing mechanism (located in the gun, see "Airsoft Gun"age).

The third is a PS2 - Keyboard/mouse connector. This will allow us to connect a keyboard to the board and eventually control the turret using the arrowkeys and spacebar.